Surgery, Hospital & ICU

Not least for our own diagnostic convenience, and certainly for your pets’, we have invested in sophisticated medical and surgical equipment to ensure optimal patient management. This is constantly changing to meet the new standards of care and progressive veterinary practice. (We are always available to take our clients through the hospital )

Our theatre is clean, sterile, well-equipped, away from transit or feet-through-the-door, and tightly managed by our team of Srs.

The ICU and surgical ward are immediately visible and accessible directly from closed theatre away on the one side, and our active PrepRoom on the opposite side. Patients can be seen and monitored constantly.

BHVH Vets are competent and experienced surgeons, and we perform
– Sterilizations
– General soft tissue surgery
– Orthopaedic surgery **
– Anterior Cruciate ligament repair
– Caesarean sections in cats and dogs

** When injuries are regarded as complicated or specialized, we have an excellent working relationship with our colleagues in Johannesburg Specialist Animal Hospital, and Bryanston Veterinary Hospital, and refer your pets for the necessary specialist medical or surgical help.  


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December 11, 2018