COVID-19 Procedure

COVID-19 Procedures

Hospitals do not close and we are OPEN for you.

– Please PHONE AHEAD to make an appointment to be seen.
– Please PHONE AHEAD to request the dispensing of chronic medications. We will have it ready for you, and we ask for 24 hour notifications.
– If our waiting room is crowded, please enjoy the space in our garden while you wait. Let reception know you have arrived. You can also wait in your car.
– Only one person is to accompany your pet for routine appointments. This keeps your family, and us safe.

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The in-house Laboratory facilities offer the convenience of rapidly-interpreted blood results, facilitating the necessary rapid clinical intervention, and so improving prognoses for patients. We have the capacity to run both Haematology and Biochemistry (blood tests), along with all the other useful laboratory equipment (microscope, faecal and urine testing, SNAP tests for CPV and CDV, otoscope, ophthalmoscope)

The fibreoptic endoscope is incredibly useful, and frequently used to assist in the diagnosing of Spirocerca lupi, a parasite carried by dung beetles, known to be endemic in the greater Kyalami area. We perform oesophagoscopy, and gastroscopy, routinely.


We diagnose and treat many different forms of neoplasia (cancer) and offer the appropriate chemotherapy relevant to the specific tumour, having followed a comprehensive diagnostic route. Of course this is all in communication with the client, and here for the client to know that chemo is available if or when requested or required.

We do see a multitude of internal (hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms) and external (ticks, fleas, mange mites) parasitic diseases, have the tools to be able to diagnose them, and prevention of these can always be discussed with the veterinary staff. There are so many different preventative treatments available, please come in and discuss what suits your specific pets and demographic.


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