You have medical insurance for yourself and your family, why not for your animals?

Chat to your vet for the best option for you.

Pet insurance & Pet medical Aids are highly recommended, as they help with unexpected accidents and illnesses.





We suggest doing a Google Search to see which of the above plans best suited the needs of your pets as well as your budget.

Please note that all of these Pet Insurers make payments to the client and therefore the client is responsible to make payment to Blue Hills Hospital at point of treatment and then claim from the Pet Insurers.

For your equine family members:



MEDIWALLET is a medical credit account that covers your primary medical expenses.

We understand that often unexpected expenses affect the household budget, therefore Blue Hills Vet Hospital has a partnership with Mediwallet ( who offers a revolving credit facility from as little as R500 to R100 000 @ an interest rate of 19.75% with repayments up to 18months. Pre-approval is done within 15 minutes, if you SMS your ID No., Name, Surname & gross monthly salary to 48832.  Mediwallet pays Blue Hills Vet Hospital and Client pays Mediwallet.


Save time, buy your pet products online, and remember to use our store code:  Blu7

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