Compliments of the Season (2018) is our choice to actively see at least one good thing about each other and keep our strength up! Everyone plays a part in making the team work and making our practice fly.
Here is what we all think of each other…

Dr Tim

A wealth of knowledge and an excellent teacher. House. Brilliant, cranky Genius. Very funny on a good day. Your sense of humour and ‘dumb’ jokes keep us listening. Funny Genius. Passionate and intuitive. Knowledgeable and witty. A wealth of knowledge, always wanting to learn more and happy to teach. Dedicated. An honour to work with and always a solution seeker and solver. Knowledgeable. Ultrasound king. An intellectual role model who makes his employees feel worthy.

Dr Angela

Cool headed, calm and fair. Approachable, sensible, a good listener. You care about your Team. Thorough. Perfectionist. Good leadership skills. Professional, thorough, and a loving and kind pet parent. Honest, and a great mommy to Maggie (and Billie, and Annie) Very respected equine vet. Great person with excellent management skills, and very understanding.

Dr Lynsey

Hard worker. Loyal, diligent, hardworking, gentle, disciplined. You always see the best in people. Beautiful genius with amazing leadership skills. Smart, intelligent, caring, passionate. Adventurous and passionate. Great personality; enjoy the hint of sarcasm, thorough with cases/patients. Integrity and kindness. Very understanding and pleasant with all. Amazing vet and great to work with. Love your sense of humour.

Dr Lynne

Enthusiastic and passionate. Your laugh reminds me not to take things so seriously. Conscientious. Razor sharp and brilliant. Compassionate and dynamic. Very involved and warm person who makes others feel special and loved. Great with all types of clients (and their emotions) and very Eco-aware. Passionate and optimistic. Very considerate, goes beyond to be kind, and very smart. Always has a willingness to teach and share her knowledge, which is appreciated.

Dr Donne

Unflappable and kind. Reliable. Your stories keep us entertained. Talkative and friendly. Nurturing, knowledgeable. Sociable and upbeat. Good with dealing with a variety of different animals. Exuberant. Pleasant person. Very bubbly personality with a good heart. Compassionate.

Dr Morag

Selfless and cheerful. Easy to get along with, and fun to work with. Your wicked sense of humour keeps us sane. Cheerful. Strong-willed, caring. Cheerful, always fun. Excellent sense of humour and excellent at naming pets! Lovely person. Wonderful, sweet, amazing person. Such a delightful person and always Putting a smile on everyone’s faces. Fun to work with and well respected equine and small animal vet.


Blue Hills fairy godmother. Persistent and patient. Dedicated, approachable, eager to assist. You are always so kind and thoughtful. Ray of Sunshine! Jane of all trades! Fair and kindhearted. Kind and diligent. Organized, tidy, and always willing to help others and check you’re ok. Alice in Wonderland. Very very sweet, kind, and always a problem solver. Gives the best mommy hugs. Just the best woman alive!


A ray of sunshine and love Dependable, friendly, has efficient time management. Your singing reminds us to be positive. Positive. Peaceful, calm, and content. Warm and friendly. Always laughing and super helpful . My Rock, My Rainbow. Kind, mindful, and wonderful. The kindest person with the biggest heart. Keeps things colourful and positive.


Attention to detail and focussed with a good sense of humour. Passionate, highly skilled and super-competent. You are always positive, which inspires us to be positive. Strong. Operator (driven), helpful. Fun, and very efficient. Conscientious. Wonderful personality, and efficient.  She’s such a gem and I’m always excited to work with her.


Fun and caring. Highly skilled and super-competent. Dynamite comes in small packages .Compassionate. Devoted, passionate. Artistic and super-loveable. A heart triple her size filled with love and compassion, and great jokes too! Empathetic. Very smart and efficient and sweet little angel. A bit on the short side but a loving and kind person ? Kind and caring nurse, nice to work with.


Animal lover and charmer-reminds us why we are here. Absolutely AMAZING patient nursing care. You enjoy caring for others. Caring. Enthusiasm, Loving. Very friendly. Really good at giving TLC, building strong bonds with patients. Compassionate. Nice person and good colleague. An interesting person who cares about animals. Very good patient care, nice to work with.


Caring, capable and careful. Enthusiastic, positive. So caring and kind to both human and animal. Genius. Hearty, clever. Charismatic. Always smiling and happy. Beautiful person. Great personality and efficient. Role model and super-hero nurse. Very driven. Kind-hearted and always willing to help out.


Lovely energy a pleasure to work with. Efficient, highly skilled, reliable. Wonderful to work with. You have a kind and caring nature. Beautiful. Soft-hearted. Sweet-natured. So hardworking and so much fun to work with. So gentle with great potential. Lovely person and good colleague. PREACH! Sister Nanei.


Expert animal handler and good sense of humour. Willing, helpful, reliable, dependable, skilled, calm, a pleasure to work with. Quiet with a witty sense of humour. Reliable. Kind, helpful. Funny, always joking. I enjoy and appreciate your quiet nature; always working hard. Courteous. Good person, and mindful. We are safe when John is holding an animal. Madala. Quiet but powerful. Very good kennel assistant. A fascinating and kind man.


Fun to work with. Reliable, helpful, strong, thank you for all your hard work. Has a great smile. Charmer. Admirable. Happy, sociable, good people person. Helpful and friendly. Always in a good mood and good with horses. Persistent. A pleasant man who is always full of jokes to make me laugh. Good guy, always willing. Good natured. Good horse and small animal handler and very helpful.


The most cheerful and best cat handler. Always so helpful, and so willing to help, thank you so much. Always helpful and willing. Friendly. Pleasant, calm, Courteous. Very good with working with cats and the nervous animals. Always willing to help. Always willing, and with a smile. Een van die beste mans wat ek ken, wat altyd bereid is om te help. Madala. Very well respected kennel assistant.


Most loving animal handler and most enthusiastic. Fantastic with the difficult Parvo patients, thank you for everything. You are so funny! you make me laugh all the time. Diligent. Energetic. Helpful. Great with nervous animals, forms great relationships with patients. Diligent. Good guy and helpful. Parvo king. Kind and empathetic. Very good animal handler. Such a hard working and animal loving man. One of the best!


Quick learner, smart  and great laugh. Very helpful and friendy. A very fast learner who’s laugh is contagious. Helpful dependable and willing. Always smiling ? Always smiling. Willing. Fast learner. Kind and always happy. Always smiling and willing to help. Reliable. Good character.


Quiet and calm. Friendly and eager to learn. A very friendly and strong man.  You have a kind and gentle heart. Helpful and willing. Sweet and strong. Kind and sweet. Helpful. Patient. Helpful and always wanting to learn more. Sweet. Nice person.


Incredibly capable and lovely. GREAT job at BHVH reception, just LOVE working with you xx You have a pretty smile. Fabulous. Hard working, humorous. Amazing. Hope. Funny, and a great person to chat to. Fabulous. Sweet and efficient. Just the best receptionist and kindest person who’s always ready with a sweetie to brighten my day. Sweet, caring funny and nice to work with.


Cheerful and good natured. LOVE working with you; (you have a naughty smile!) Your bright eyes brighten up the day. Lovely. Calm. Horse lover. Kind-hearted and always helpful. Always friendly and makes me laugh. Always keeps me smiling. Very sweet. Kind and soft. The kindest and friendliest soul- like a butterfly.


Good sense of humour. Very good at accurate and organized filing. Your jokes keep me laughing. Determined. Entertaining, musical Caring. Always makes jokes. Funny, and interested in the patients when passing by. Resourceful. Sweet loving character. A caring and amazing mosadi who is dear to my heart. Food and front shop order queen- that’s Sartjie for you.


Dependable and competent and caring. Positive and enthusiastic. You are thoughtful and kind. Good cook. Comical. Good Team player and kind. A contagious laugh and full of love. Generous and kind. Very sweet, until you don’t pay your accounts!! Strong and independent.  A warm and loving person whose hugs are the best. Works hard for the good of the practice.